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As the story goes...

About a dozen years ago, I was asked to be part of a textbook project on society and culture in early America. I began my work on the project and soon completed a chapter on Early American Music.

Not long after, and after hearing the editors were "very happy" with the work, the textbook project was cancelled due to a combination of the standard drivel-dravel plus flim-flam, but they did say, and quite politely, that they were so sorry, so....

After some time, a little revision, and some thinking about what I should do with this nice overview of the history of early American music, I thought, hey, put it out there, see if it sticks... It might spark a thought, it might enlighten a curious mind, it might teach a good something previously and henceforth unknown… (and you know, back in the 80s, or so I remember from my younger days, "Reading was / is Fun-damental").

So here is Music is a New Art with Us in PDF format and available as a Free Download.

We have set up a donation box to support the website and keep it all afloat. Of course, as the download is free, nothing would be a perfectly good donation, .50 cents would work (said the panhandler), $1 would be nice… enough for a cold beer would be better, $5, $10, even $20. So, donate whatever amount you can afford or choose to afford, or then, feel is appropriate.

50% of whatever amount you choose to donate in 2013 will go to The Society for American Music.

And of course, see the Amazon Links at the bottom of this page for our suggestions to further expand upon your early American music knowledge and make use of Amazon’s expansive warehousing system, their amazing network of sellers, and their incredibly integrated product shipping ability.

We at thank you for your support, and as the writer of the aforementioned book,
I hope you enjoy Music Is A New Art with Us.


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